One thought on “How A Fake Bitcoin Transaction Is Tied To The GTA 6 Leak

  1. Usually central banks will lower rates while buying bonds, or raise rates while selling bonds. But now the BOE has decided to raise rates while buying bonds.

    They are now raising rates while printing money and buying bonds to stop rates rising. WTF?

    As far as I can tell this is the type of panic-mode intervention that leads to a debt crisis and runaway inflation at the same time, the likes of which usually only takes place in countries like Argentina Turkey and Lebanon etc.

    What are the implications of raising rates while also printing money to buy bonds in order to keep rates low? They will essentially cause short term yields to rise while long term yields fall which causes an inverted yield curve and an inverted yield curve is never a good thing.

    Can anyone TLDR what the implications of this will be?

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